About Us

Stock to custom builds

Stock to custom vehicle builds.

With 30 yrs experience in the Hotrod and classic car builds, I concentrate on pure quality, pure detail to every build, repair or welding project that is in the shop. 

#1 Friendliest Customer Service


From the moment you walk into the shop, to the time you get your keys to your new Hotrod build, your satisfaction is our priority. We can help lead you in the right direction to make great choices for your new tri-five.

We are a 1 stop shop


We can fabricate, custom build, weld many things out of metal, aluminum, stainless steel. We install wiring, A/C conversion kits from Vintage Air, install glass, suspension upgrades, engine upgrades, paint, interiors, stainless polishing, chrome plating, just about everything that can complete a vehicle build. We buy the parts so you don't have to chase down anything. Let us do it all.